Advent Sermon Series 2017

Angels Among Us: #DoNotBeAfraid


Have you ever experienced the presence of another person in your life at just the right moment to bring you a much-needed message of hope or peace, to guide you down a different path, to so show you options for a way out of a seemingly impossible situation?  I suspect that most of us have, and when that happens we often say that an angel — an earthly angel — entered our life, if only momentarily, and relieved our anxiety and fear. 


This Advent and Christmas, our worship series will recall the stories of heavenly angels who brought messages of hope, peace, joy, love and life to ordinary people like you and me.  The angels who appear to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds bring unfathomable news and invite participation in God’s story of good news for all people.  The message repeated over and again is “Do not be afraid; let go of your fear because God needs you to be a messenger of more hope, more peace, more joy, more love, and more life in the world.” 


Angels Among Us

will give us courage to “fly in the face of fear,” stepping out of our comfort zones to become God’s messengers.  What message can you speak, what can you do each week to counteract the culture of fear and anxiety in which we find ourselves?  We invite you to join us as we embrace our earthly angel-ness, bringing good news to those around us.


Sunday, December 3:  “Make Ready a People: #morehope” — Zechariah and Elizabeth

Sunday, December 10:  “Nothing Is Impossible: #morepeace” — Mary

Sunday, December 17:  “Do Not Be Afraid: #morejoy” — Jospeh

Sunday, December 24, 10:00 am in the Chapel:  “This Will Be a Sign: #morelove” – Shepherds


Sunday evening, December 24, Christmas Eve:

     5:00 pm in the Chapel:  A Child-Friendly Christmas Eve Service

     8:00 pm in the Worship Center:  “Do Not Be Afraid”

     11:00 pm in the Chapel:  “What Child Is This”


Sunday, December 31, 10:00 am in the Chapel:  “Get Up and Go: #morelife” — Joseph


Have a blessed Advent!

Pastor Nancy