Dare to Dance Sermon Series

Easter Season Worship Series: Dare to Dance Again

 “Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” — Psalm 30:5b

The Bible is chock full of stories about God’s people who have moved from fear and sorrow to joy and hope.  From Moses and the Hebrew people who celebrated deliverance from slavery in Egypt to the grieving disciples who finally realized that their beloved friend and teacher — their Lord — is risen from the dead, we are reminded that joy does indeed return to our lives. 

The resurrection of Jesus invites us to trust that when we are spiritually depleted, God will lead us to the dance hall of joy where we can dance the dances of freedom, hope, justice and love.  Thanks be to God that we do not dance alone!  Our partner is the resurrected Christ, and the dance hall is full of people whose mutual joy bubbles over in anticipation of new life that is ours as we make our way to the Promised Land.  Our joy moves us to proclaim to friends and neighbors near and far that “Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!”

Come and dance with us this Easter Season!  Rediscover the joy of resurrection and dare to dance again!

Sunday, April 15 “Let’s Dance!”

            “David danced before the Lord with all his might.” — 2 Samuel 6:14a

Sunday, April 22“While in Their Joy”

            “While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering…” — Luke 24:41a

Sunday, April 29 — Fifth Sunday, One service at 10:00 in Chapel

            Making Sense of Salvation:  The Hymns and Songs of Fanny Crosby

            A potluck meal will follow in the Fellowship Hall.  Bring your favorite dish to share!

Sunday, May 6 “By This We Will Know: The Dance of Love”

            “…that they may all be one.” — John 17:21

Sunday, May 13“From You Comes My Praise: Guide My Steps” — Mother’s Day

            “How can I [understand], unless someone guides me?” — Acts 8:31

Sunday, May 20 “Spirit Poured Out: Dare to Dance Again”Pentecost Sunday

            Be sure to wear RED!

            “I prophesied [to the bones] as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood on their feet, a vast multitude.” — Ezekiel 37:10

            Fish Fry after church; donations of $10 per plate will benefit the church’s general fund.


May resurrection joy be yours!

Pastor Nancy

Spirituality on Screen


“Spirituality on Screen” facilitated by Wesley Nurse Pamela Castles


Films play an important role in our culture. The cinema is the place where many of us experience a world beyond ourselves. We become familiar with ethical, social, and personal struggles that are different from our everyday lives. Films help to broaden our understanding of our culture, our world, and our faith.Wednesdays April 11 – May 30 (except for May 9) from 1-3:30pm in the Fellowship Hall, Buda UMC will offer a series entitled: Spirituality on Screen(SOS), an examination of movies that challenge, entertain, and console us while illuminating our faith. In this series we will be utilizing several books:


“God in the Movies” by Catherine Barsotti
“Movies that Matter” by Richard Leonard, SJ
“Faith and Film” by Edward N. McNulty


Each week for 7 weeks the title of the video will be announced in the newsletter. An email as a reminder with the name of the week’s film will also be sent to participants. Each will view the film in its entirety at home (options for viewing the assigned films will be discussed at our first meeting). At our Wednesday gathering we will view selected clips and engage in theological discussion. Each session will contain scriptural texts to enhance discussion in association with individual movie interpretations. There is no need to purchase the books.Please join us! We will provide the popcorn, Junior Mints and beverages!


Viewing Schedule:


We will be viewing the film from 1-3pm in the Fellowship Hall. After the film, from 3-3:30, we will discuss the film as a group. Folks have two options: 1) join us to view the film and stay for discussion or 2) view the film at home and join us at 3 for discussion. Here are the dates and films we will be watching:


April 11 True Grit (2010)

Apri 18 Lars and the Real Girl

April 25 Wall E

May 2 The Third Miracle

May 9 (no class this week)

May 16 12 Years a Slave

May 23 Reign Over Me

May 30 Road to Perdition

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  • Free childcare available with registration.




Fish Fry: May 20 2018

Sunday, May 20
11am – 2pm in the Fellowship Hall
Fish Fry hosted by the Buda UMC Church Admin Council.
We will be serving fried fish (caught by our very own Johnny Potts and Jim Philpott), hush puppies and fries beginning after Sunday school. There is a recommended donation of $10 per plate to support the church’s general operating funds.
Donations of sides and desserts are also needed. 

Wacky Wednesdays – Children’s Summer Ministry

Buda United Methodist Church presents

Wacky Wednesdays

June 13-Aug 8 (no July 4)
10am to 12pm
Pre-K to 5th Grade
Through art, cooking, games, missions, spiritual practices, storytelling and science, we will explore the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau. Direct questions to Beth Seward at children@budaumc.org.
Registration NOW Open!

Buda United Methodist Church Wacky Wednesday Registration

    Blessings and Birthrights

    Kids from PreK through 5th grade will explore the Biblical Story of Jacob and Esau through art, cooking, games, missions, story-telling, and science every Wednesday June 13 through August 8 (no July 4th) from 10 am to noon.

  • Please register your children.
  • Attendee Registration

  • Ages PreK through entering 5th graders will be registered as attendees.
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Rev. Nancy Day’s New Appointment

Dear friends,
It is with mixed emotions that I want to let you know that Nancy is being appointed to the First United Methodist Church of Lockhart, TX. Her appointment there will begin July 1. At this point in time, we have not been given any information about who will be appointed to Buda UMC. 
After some discussion, Nancy and I decided that a church-wide email was the best way to communicate this information. (Nancy felt that an announcement during or after the service on Palm Sunday would be inappropriate and break the spirit of the service!) We hope to see all of you at the very special services planned this Sunday and during Holy Week as well as on Easter Sunday.
I would ask that you be in prayer for Nancy and Casey as they begin to prepare for this transition in their lives. Please continue in prayer for Buda UMC and for the Bishop’s cabinet as they deliberate on the appointments still to come. 
The SPRC met with the District Superintendent on Tuesday evening to discuss Buda UMC—to help provide a profile of our congregation, to help paint a picture of who we are and to give life to words and statistics printed in various reports on record. Please continue to pray with us that God will guide the Bishop and Cabinet as they choose the next pastor to send to us.
Marsha Lindahl
Chair, SPRC
In the United Methodist Church, all ordained elders covenant that they will go where the Bishop and Cabinet send them. The cabinet consists of all the District Superintendents of the Rio Texas Conference. From January through May, the Cabinet has many meetings to make church appointments for the appointment year, which starts in July. They spend time in prayer and discernment to match churches in need of a pastor with a pastor who will match that church’s needs.

SPRC had an introductory meeting with the District Superintendent and our newly appointed pastor, Rev. Lisa Straus and her husband, Jim.  Pastor Lisa is coming to us from Westlake UMC where she is currently serving as the associate pastor.  Pastor Lisa and Jim have two children, both of who are in college.  Jessup is 23 and is attending Landmark College in Vermont while his sister Zephyr is attending Baylor University.  Jim is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon.  Pastor Lisa’s first Sunday at Buda UMC will be July 1. 

Pledge Card 2018

Stewardship 2018

  • I/We commit myself/ourselves to God through Buda UMC by pledging this total amount for the 2018 calendar year:

  • I/We will give:




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Welcome to the

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Stewardship Campaign 2018


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October 13, 2017

We are Buda United Methodist Church:  people who worship, who give and who love!  At the center of our faith community is Jesus Christ who invites us into more faithful worship, more generous giving, and more extravagant love.

Every year the Staff Parish Relations Committee is asked to evaluate how we are doing as a congregation/pastor team.  This year the evaluation was extensive, and we were gratefully and humbly surprised at the vitality of Buda UMC, the many missions and ministries we support through our presence and our gifts.  We give thanks to God for the numerous lives that have been touched through our willingness and ability to be the hands and feet of Christ.  We are a vital, giving, loving congregation because of YOU, and we thank God for your faithfulness! 

The next three Sundays will celebrate our mission to worship, to give, and to love.  We will hear from church members about aspects of their faith journeys that reflect their love for God and God’s people.  We know you will want to be present to hear their stories and to show your support and love for them.

October 29, a Fifth Sunday, we will combine the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services into one and worship in the Chapel at 10:00 am.  During that service, you will be invited to place your 2018 Commitment Card at the altar rail, giving thanks to God for the abundance of blessings in your life.  After the service, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate the gift of community.  A potluck chili lunch will be served.  You bring chili, salad or dessert; the church will provide bread and beverages.

There are several reasons we ask BUMC members and friends to submit a commitment card every year.  On a very practical level, your commitment instills confidence that the faith budget for 2018 will be met.  We assure you that the Finance Committee and the Administrative Council make the most of all gifts, ensuring that they faithfully serve God’s people.  On a spiritual level, you are invited to spend time in prayer and to reflect on your relationship with God and the church, and the ways God is calling you to be the the hands and feet of Christ here and now.  On a communal level, your commitment is joined with others to be a beautiful expression of God’s compassion and grace in our world. 

Below you will find a “Giving Guide” that asks and answers questions you may have about giving to the church.  In addition, there is a “Guide to Proportionate Giving” that can help you determine your current level of giving.  The biblical standard is 10 percent of your income.  If you already practice the spiritual discipline of tithing, we commend you for reaching that goal!  If you are not tithing, we invite you to consider taking a step toward tithing this year.  Of course, you are welcome to give more than 10 percent!

If you have additional questions or concerns, please call the pastor or a member of the Stewardship Team.  We thank God for you and for your faithful, loving support of God’s people!

Grace and Peace,

The Stewardship Team

Pattie Burnett, Tricia Schneider, Rev. Jim Philpott, Wally Rudzinski & Rev. Nancy Day


Guide to Proportionate Giving

 Giving proportionately means offering a percentage of your income.  We suggest you begin your stewardship journey where you are able, and aim to increase that percentage each year.  If giving 10% seems daunting, please consider starting with a pledge of just 2% of your income.  For an estimate of what your pledge would be, here is a chart showing proportional giving at various income levels and percentages:

Giving Guide

 This year we invite you to celebrate the joy of generosity as you offer your Commitment Card for 2018.  We encourage you to find greater contentment and simplicity in your lives as you put God first in your giving and living and to experience the joy that comes from knowing our gifts honor God and change lives.  Our challenge as members and friends of Buda UMC is to find ways to grow deeper in our faith.  One way to do this is to offer our financial blessings to God through our tithes and offerings.  Through these gifts, we invest in God’s vision and purpose and create an opportunity for God to work through us.  Our gifts to God each week are an act of worship; and our offerings are vitally necessary to change lives, transform communities, and renew our denomination.

Why is giving important?

The Bible has much to say about wisdom and finances, with 2,300 verses that tell us to be generous and good stewards of our resources.  Jesus taught generosity and sacrifice.  He demanded that his followers serve not wealth but God, and in the parable of the talents, he taught that God will hold us each accountable for what we do with all our earthly possessions.

What is expected of me?

The Bible teaches us to give a tithe, the first 10 percent of what we earn, to God and the church’s work.  For some, giving one tenth is a very difficult goal.  For others, it is the starting point, and their giving far exceeds 10 percent.  The important thing is that you start somewhere, that your giving be in proportion to your income, that your giving reflects an appropriate offering to God given your means, and that your offerings express both your desire to serve God and your investment in God’s work.  Begin by determining what percentage of your income you are giving to God.  If you are not yet tithing, consider taking a step toward tithing this year.  For example, if you now give 3 percent of your income, consider increasing your gift to 4 percent, and add 1 percent each year until you reach your tithing goal.  Our prayer is that everyone will grow in his or her faith through giving financially to the ministries of the church and experience the joy and blessings that come from financial generosity.

Everything we have belongs to God.

“A tithe [tenth] of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the LORD; it is holy to the LORD.”                  –Leviticus 27:30 (NIV)

 Why do I need to return a Commitment Card?

The process of prayerfully asking God to guide your decision and then making a commitment to serve the Lord with your financial gifts is an act of worship, an expression of gratitude and praise to God.  On a more practical note, your commitment allows our church to budget and better plan for our ministries, key objectives, and mission outreach programs.

What if financial hardship prohibits me from making a commitment this year?

Don’t let your inability to give at this time keep you from worship.  Remember that God honors your faithfulness and that your acceptance at Buda UMC is not based upon your capacity to give.  We ask that everyone return a Commitment Card even if it is a limited financial commitment at this time.  You can always increase or decrease your commitment if your situation changes by calling or writing the church.  Also, be aware that our pastor is available to talk and pray with you about your situation.

Because we reap what we sow.

“The point is this:  the one who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the one who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”                 –2 Corinthians 9:6

 Why do I need to turn in a new commitment card each year?

Financial situations change from year to year, and if we are growing in our faith, our annual commitment should likewise reflect that giving growth.  Each year, our church budget is based upon the growing commitments of our congregation.

Should I use Electronic Funds Transfer?

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the easiest, most cost-effective giving option for both you and the church.  With EFT, you can reinforce your commitment to give your tithes and offerings to God first, before anything else.  One easy step each year guarantees that the church will receive your gifts on a regular basis, even if you are out of town or you forget one week.  If you choose this option, you must return the Commitment Card each year authorizing the electronic funds transfer.  

To whom much has been given…

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”        — Luke 12:48 (NIV)

Used with permission from Abingdon Press.  Hamilton, Adam.  Enough Stewardship Program Guide.  Nashville:  Abingdon Press, 2009.


Stewardship 2018

  • I/We commit myself/ourselves to God through Buda UMC by pledging this total amount for the 2018 calendar year:

  • I/We will give:




Meals on Wheels

meals on wheels logoMeals on Wheels – Combined Community Action Senior Nutrition Program and combined actionMeals on Wheels serves meals both by delivery and on Buda UMC church campus in the Fellowship Hall Monday through Friday 11:00 to 11:45.
Anyone 60 years and over is eligible for the meal program.  Please call 512/618-4440 to register for meals; either delivery or on campus.  There is a suggested donation of $2 per meal.
Volunteers are needed to deliver to home bound seniors.  Please call 512-618-4440 for additional information or to sign up to volunteer.