Mardi Bras 2018

Buda UMC 2nd Annual Mardi Bras Celebration to support the Hays Caldwell Women’s Center
February 13, 2018 7pm Fellowship Hall

Hays Caldwell Women’s Center started out as the Hays County Women’s Center and was incorporated in August 1978. The founding purpose was to provide a place for the personal and professional growth of women and to provide services to women and their families. When the founders became aware of the plight of local victims of family violence, the focus of the group changed to address their needs and the community problem.
Women often leave an abusive situation with very little. One thing we can do to help women is to provide bras and underwear for them. Donations of bras and undies to the Mardi Bras Celebration will go directly to the HCWC.
Come join us in food, fun, and games as we support a very deserving and hard working organization in our area.