Administrative Council 2017

The following folks make up the church administrative council. Most positions are a 3 year term. If you are interested in being nominated or know someone who would be perfect for one of these positions, please contact the chairperson listed or the Senior Pastor for nominations information.  Admin Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:45 pm.

Administrative Council Chair – Shirley Brock
Administrative Vice Council Chair – John Potts
Finance Committee Chair – Cathy Rudzinski
Members:  Curtis Dunford, Patti Burnett, James Bean, Alan Koopmann, Terry Lee
Staff/Pastor Relations Committee  – Chair Marsha Lindahl
Members:  Greg Grumbles, Joyce Smithey, Beth Seward, Dustin Windsor
Recording Secretary Rotates
Trustees – Chair Lauren Miller
Members: Keith McComb, Joe Mathis, Jan Bach, Sandra Johnson
Lay Leader: Beth Seward
Discipleship Ministries 2017
Lay Leader: Beth Seward
Discipleship Ministries meets the first Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. with the exception of July and December.
Real People 
Care, Health and Wholeness
Food Pantry & Free Store 
Real Faith
Prayer Ministry
Real Future
Evangelism & Membership 
United Methodist Men 
United Methodist Women 

Other Leaders:

Lay Delegates:
   Beth Seward, Marsha Lindahl and Mark Brock

Lay Delegate Alternate:
    Shirley Brock

Men’s Group President – Stan Burrier
Women’s Group President – Marilyn Roysden