Rev. Nancy Day’s New Appointment

Dear friends,
It is with mixed emotions that I want to let you know that Nancy is being appointed to the First United Methodist Church of Lockhart, TX. Her appointment there will begin July 1. At this point in time, we have not been given any information about who will be appointed to Buda UMC. 
After some discussion, Nancy and I decided that a church-wide email was the best way to communicate this information. (Nancy felt that an announcement during or after the service on Palm Sunday would be inappropriate and break the spirit of the service!) We hope to see all of you at the very special services planned this Sunday and during Holy Week as well as on Easter Sunday.
I would ask that you be in prayer for Nancy and Casey as they begin to prepare for this transition in their lives. Please continue in prayer for Buda UMC and for the Bishop’s cabinet as they deliberate on the appointments still to come. 
The SPRC met with the District Superintendent on Tuesday evening to discuss Buda UMC—to help provide a profile of our congregation, to help paint a picture of who we are and to give life to words and statistics printed in various reports on record. Please continue to pray with us that God will guide the Bishop and Cabinet as they choose the next pastor to send to us.
Marsha Lindahl
Chair, SPRC
In the United Methodist Church, all ordained elders covenant that they will go where the Bishop and Cabinet send them. The cabinet consists of all the District Superintendents of the Rio Texas Conference. From January through May, the Cabinet has many meetings to make church appointments for the appointment year, which starts in July. They spend time in prayer and discernment to match churches in need of a pastor with a pastor who will match that church’s needs.

SPRC had an introductory meeting with the District Superintendent and our newly appointed pastor, Rev. Lisa Straus and her husband, Jim.  Pastor Lisa is coming to us from Westlake UMC where she is currently serving as the associate pastor.  Pastor Lisa and Jim have two children, both of who are in college.  Jessup is 23 and is attending Landmark College in Vermont while his sister Zephyr is attending Baylor University.  Jim is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon.  Pastor Lisa’s first Sunday at Buda UMC will be July 1.