Church Ministry Opportunities for Adults

Trustees are responsible for ensuring that there are adequate facilities for the mission and ministry of the congregation. You could be an asset to this group if you are an organizer and a planner and would enjoy helping maintain our facilities. Contact Lauren Miller for more information.
Worship Committee
plans and coordinate activities for worship: usher/greeters, liturgists, acolytes, banners, paraments, and sacramental elements. Contact Mary Lu Palmer for more information.
Finance Committee
is responsible for managing, distributing, and accounting for gifts to our Ministry.  Monthly revenue and expense reports, as well as our annul budget compilation are some other activities of this committee. Contact Cathy Rudzinski for more information.
Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is the local church administrative unit in which lay and clergy spiritual leaders integrate the staff and congregational interests to focus on the mission of the church. Contact Marsha Lindhal
for more information.
Small Group Study
Home Study Groups are forming now. The plan is to meet once a month. If you are interested in starting or joining one please contact Johnny Potts or Darrell Raymond.

Sunday School – 10:00 am

Joy Class: Currently studying a Quarterly curriculum (Entrance faces Wesley bldg.).
Covenant Class: Currently studying Billy Graham’s The Holy Spirit. Meets in the Fellowship Hall: Room C.
Seekers of Jesus:  Currently studying “What do you think about … ” applying Jesus to modern society. Meets in Room B of the Fellowship Hall.
Book of Acts: Currently studying topics that vary. Led by retired Rev. Bruce Barrett. Meets in Room D of the Wesley Building.
Living Questionsrmn logoA Reconciling Ministry. Currently studying Adam Hamilton’s Unafraid.  Meets in Room A of the Fellowship Hall.
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